Banggood - Magento

How to sync Banggood dropshipping supplier with Magento

To sync your Banggood dropshipping catalog with your Magento store you first must check these points:

- Have a Banggood API key. You can read about how to obtain one here

- Have a Magento Commerce CE version (2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3)

1. Connect Banggood dropshipping catalog

Banggood Magento Supplier

2. Connect your Magento store

Banggood Magento Connect Platform

If the onboarding process went right, you can now see your Magento store settings page, from here

Banggood Magento Platform Settings

3. Import Banggood products into your Magento store

To start importing products into your Magento, you must first add them to "My Store" section by clicking on "Add to my store" button below each product's card or inside the product's page.

Banggood Magento Add To Store

Once the products you want to sell on your Magento store will be present in the "My Store" list, if there is the first time you add them, you will probabaly see an error status near each of them.

Banggood Magento Products Sync

Most of the times, it just means that you didn't match brand and category of those products with your Magento's brands and categories list.

To know what kind of problem is, just click on it and you will be redirect to the alerts page, where all alerts are grouped together till they are solved.

Banggood Magento Alerts List

Clicking on FIX IT will ridirect you straight to the problem you must solve. Most of the time is a Brand,Category or Attribute that needs to be matched with the ones you have on your platform. If you don't have one that can match, you can tell the platform to create it for you just selecting "Create".

Banggood Magento Attributes Fix

Please Note: If you are syncing a brand new Magento, it could happen that the attribute you are looking for is present among the Magento's attributes list but not visible in the attributes list on ApiDrop. This is because the attribute has not been inserted in the default attribute set. A brief guide about how to do this can be found here.

4. Sync Banggood Products

Now that you matched categories,attributes and brands, a sync can be performed. If sync do not start automatically after all fixes has been put in place, go in "My Store" section and click on "Sync Now". You will notice that Banggood products status will pass from Error to Processing to Done if everything is fine.

Banggood Magento Products Sync

5. Sync Verification

Open your Magento store and search for the categories you previously matched. Voila', products are listed ready to be put in sale.

Banggood Magento Products Listing