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Start syncing BigBuy dropshipping catalog with your platform with just a couple of clicks. This is how ApiDrop works, no codes, no modules, just focus on what matter, your business.

ApiDrop uses a sophisticated API method to call your platform and sync all the information you need.

The only credential you need to link your platform and start downloading product's information, is your API Key and API Password.

In our wiki section you can find several guides that describe how to do that for your ecommerce platform.

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Some BigBuy Brands

Why DropShip With BigBuy?

BigBuy is certanly one of the biggest distributors in Europe, his products catalog is huge and diversified and it counts more than 37.000 products in almost 150 categories.

His brands are valuable and usually are very well known, like L'Oreal, Dolce and Gabbana, Carrera, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, Just Cavalli, Mattel, Hasbro and many many others.

Prices are also very good for a generalist distributor so this mean you can start doing business with a decent margin without invest in stock. Their dropshipping system is solid and up to date so everything is in sync with your store, always, even orders.

BigBuy is absolutely a great choise to start a dropshipping business in Europe today.

Why DropShip With BigBuy
BigBuy DropShipping Order and Products

Orders And Products Always Updated

Forget about manual csv/xml products or order file import/export. ApiDrop provides you the most advanced way to sync your store with BigBuy.

We continuously check products avalability to minimize stock shortages.

Orders are always in sync with BigBuy's panel so you can obtain order information and show updates to your customers.

Shipping and trackings are in sync too, permitting you to quote in advance how much you will spend for the entire order and let you modify the shipping option in every moment.

Which info are copied into your store?

In this table are represented the ApiDrop sync functionalities available for your e-commerce platform

  Shopify Logo wooCommerce Logo Magento Logo Big-Commerce Logo
Simple Products
Products Images Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Products Variants
Products Variants Images Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Product Attributes
Product Long Description
EAN Code
Product Cost
Categories Import Read more Read more Read more Read more
Orders Import/Submit Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Orders Status Updates Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Shipping Rate Import Manual Manual Manual Manual
Shipping Tracking Code

BigBuy - Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions we receive about BigBuy and his drop shipping service.

Not necessarily, you can test how ApiDrop and BigBuy work together using BigBuy Demo as supplier (its free).

Yes, ApiDrop checks your API keys before letting you sync BigBuy products with your e-commerce store.

The "eCommerce pack" is the right one.

Yes, ApiDrop imports the entire BigBuy catalog available via API.

No, we do not surcharge products prices. If you spot a difference feel free to let us know opening a support ticket.

Multiple times per day.

No, that’s the only thing we do not synchronize but you can download BigBuy shipping fees from your user panel.

BigBuy shipping rates can be found inside your user panel.

As any other online distributor/reseller, this depends by where your customer is. BigBuy offers a multitude of delivery options with several delivery times and costs.

All prices are automatically converted to your currency.

No, starting from the PRO version, you can use the Auto-Repricing tool.

Not at the moment, we are focusing on DropShippers.

Yes, even if there isn’t a BigBuy partner program, we are actively collaborating with them to let DropShippers have a powerful tool that help them increase their sales.

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